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Braam Youngplants is one of the biggest fern growers with customers all over the world. On this site you will find a comprehensive survey of available tropical and hardy ferns.

Braam Youngplants supplies 160 types, of which most of them are grown from spurs. After16 to 30 weeks the trays with small fern plants are delivered to the growers, who nurse the plant until it can be sold to the consumer.

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Did you know...

...the fern is one of the oldest plant varieties on earth? Fossile remains of ferns of approximately 450 million years old, have been found in layers of coal.  Ferns you will find all over the world, from North to South, from East to West. It proves that ferns do not need a tropical climate to survive. On the contrary, there are many types which even survive the harsh Scandinavian winters.

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