Braam Youngplants

Braam Youngplants has been active as a grower of tropical and hardy ferns for more than 40 years.

Braam Youngplants in De Kwakel is one of the biggest fern growers in the world.
Founder and owner of Braam Youngplants BV is Wim Braam.
Most ferns are grown on the basis of the spurs underneath the leaves.
Millions of ferns grow in trays until they are big enough to be transplanted.
In many cases this is done by fully automated robots.
Transplanting sensitive types of ferns remains handwork.
After 16 to 30 weeks the ferns are ready for transport and are shipped to customers all over the world.

Braam Youngplants
Kalslagerweg 10 1424 PM DE KWAKEL Holland

T: +31 (0)297 363386 F: +31 (0)297 342535